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Allen Models produces and supplies castings for several very popular live steam locomotives in 1-1/2 inch scale. The company was founded in 1963 by Gene Allen, for whom the company was named.

Improved Quality

Mike Massee wrote on the Fitchburg Northern Yahoo group, March 2017:

It is useful to note that Steve is now using the best iron foundry available for this work and the casting quality has come back to what you would have expected from Gene. Steve has taken it one step further by annealing all of the arch bar truck castings and some others, so you will have no issues with hard spots or surface hardness, they will machine very easily. In the group photo for the arch bar trucks, you will notice the bluish-grey color of the frame castings – that is a result of the annealing process.
Steve felt this was critical for the person with the small shop to be able to machine these castings without trouble.

New 0-4-0

From Daris A Nevil:

Spoke with Marty Knox on Saturday, March 16, 2014. He mentioned that Allen Models is designing a new engine. It will be an 0-4-0 which will use the Allen Mogul wheels and cylinders.
Marty himself announced the new locomotive on one week later.


This sections contains models built using Allen Models castings and drawings.


10 Wheeler

10 Wheeler Rob wrote on 10 March 2014:

Here is a pic of completed locomotive. It was built over an 8 or 9 year period, with many of lifes interuptions along the way. Waiting for spring for its first firing.

Wabash 573

Over 500 photos of the original Wabash 573 can be found here:

Fitchburg Northern


Little Giant posted information about his Allen Consolidation on

I chose the Consolidation because there are not many out there. It was a coal burner for two years and then I switched to propane so I could run non stop all day. This is a stock Allen kit. The only castings I did not use was the pilot beam, cylinder covers, steam and sand dome covers, running boards and steam dome throttle. This is why the Allen models are so great; they can be used to model many locomotives.


D Willoughby wrote on

The 0-4-2 Chloe was reverse engineered by Gene Allen from John Noble's locomotive.

4-4-0 Fulton County Narrow Gauge

Steve Alley announced the following on Facebook, 21 November 2019:

We are working on drawings to offer in the future for the 4-4-0 Fulton County Narrow Gauge. Long process, more machining and pattern work. Redesign of Frame. This frame will be offered in Water jet cut parts. This engine has to be built and checked for fit to make sure all is right before offering it. I am excited about this 4-4-0. Its looks to be 56 inches long without pilot. Original color was a dark Green. Not sure if I am going that way.
* Scale 2.5 inch
* Gauge 7.5 or 7.25 inch
* Height 24 inches
* Length without cow catcher 56 inches
* Cow catcher length 18.75 inches
* Bore 2.500 inches
* Stroke 3.250 inches
* Drivers 8.375 inches
I have been drafting and drawing plans this past week, pleased with it so far. Frame is done, most all the valve group is done, spring group is also done. Elevation Drawing last do to get all the measurement in place and double check it. I am doing this the old fashion way, Drafting Board. But get this, Its Bob Harpur's old drafting board. Hope he is looking down at me and helping. He should have a smile, also Gene is helping too.

Steve Alley wrote, 24 January 2020:

The Math in this was just crazy to do. When building a engine, you must remember to make ports correct. These will not have cores, so it will be up to customers fine machine work to follow drawing correctly. I did the wheel diameter and its speed at 10 mph to figure out the supply lines and exhaust line, with also exhaust nozzle size. Plus Fire box size in account to be free steaming without running out. Tube size and area to match. All is so very important. So many engines do 100 feet and out of steam volume. Recharge and keep up. If you can burn wood and build to suit, then all other fuels should work. Gases fuels, Radiant fuel. Big difference.


Sale to Allen Models of Nevada

Marty Knox posted on, 3 October 2015:

Karen and I have sold Allen Models to Steve Alley of Gardnerville, Nevada. It will become Allen Models of Nevada, at PO Box 848 Gardnerville NV 89410, phone 775-782-3800.
This started with Steve and I talking at Train Mountain. We discussed the challenges of being a supplier; Steve had some good ideas. I am confident he will continue the tradition of fine service that started with Gene Allen.
The drawings, castings, and patterns are now on the way to their new home. I will continue to be involved by providing technical support and helping develop new products. Boilers will still be available from Ridge Locomotive Works.
Karen and I would like to thank everyone for the support they gave Allen Models of Michigan.
Marty Knox

Steve Alley wrote:

Alley Supply Co is my main business, retail sales of Jet Machinery for over 30 years. Also manufacture of optical bore site equipment for 58 years. The company is much older then myself. This move to Live steam hobby business has been something that I have look into for quite some time. I hope to continue to bring a product to this hobby with a comfort and constant trust of high quality. Unlike, (buy today or it will not be there tomorrow) attitude. There is only a few in this hobby like American Model Engineering that has product on the self and can ship out today. I hope to bring this to Allen Models of Nevada for you the costumer.
Thank You
Steve Alley
Allen Models of Nevada
P.O. Box 848
Gardnerville, Nv.89410

Sale to Allen Models of Michigan, LLC

Steve Zuiderveen posted the following on, 10 February 2012:

The Allen Models line has been sold to a new company, Allen Models of Michigan, LLC. The principles are Marty and Karen Knox, and myself, Steve Zuiderveen. We will have a several month transition as we get the inventory from California to Michigan--as soon as Marty finishes the overhaul of the Cumbres and Toltec #463! In the meantime, I am answering questions at , or may be reached at (443) 536-1181.
Steve Zuiderveen
Allen Models of Michigan, LLC

Departure of Steve Zuiderveen

Steve Zuiderveen posted the following on, 13 February 2015:

I wish to let everyone know that as of January 1, 2015, I sold my interest in Allen Models of Michigan to my partners, Marty and Karen Knox. I think it has been a real privilege to have been a part of continuing in the wonderful work that we inherited from Gene Allen. However, the press of my full time work for the federal government in Washington has kept me from contributing as much energy to Allen Models as I would wish. I will continue to support Marty and Karen as they move forward, and may get to help on a few projects with them now and then. One of those projects is the re-tooling of the arch bar truck with iron castings, bosses for brake hangers, and an MCB journal box cored out to accept skate bearings, which Marty will be offering soon. I enjoyed working with you on your projects, especially the Kozo k-27 driver project, and wish all of you the best in 2015.
Steve Zuiderveen

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