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340 Lazy B Ln
Springtown, Tx 76082
Daris A Nevil at the throttle of No 486, Houston Area Live Steamers, photo by Spence Gaskin, 21 May 2015.

New Secretary

Daris wrote the following on 14 July 2017:

As you may know, Kenneth V. Shattock passed away 6 May 2017. He served as the Secretary of the North American Region of the International Brotherhood of Live Steamers until his death. We mourn his passing, and will miss his insight and passion for the Live Steam hobby.
Ken did not appoint a replacement for the position he leaves vacant. I know Ken would not want to see the IBLS dissolve. In fact, it was under his leadership that the IBLS was resurrected and is still a viable organization today. I was privileged to work under Ken's tutelage while we built the IBLS website.
For these reasons I have decided to step forward and serve as the Secretary of the North American Region of the IBLS. I did not make this decision lightly. I counseled with Bob Hornsby and Keith Taylor, both former IBLS Secretaries, and they endorse this decision. Keith wrote the following note:
To my fellow Live Steamers in North America;
My friend Daris Nevil has volunteered to assume the mantle of "Secretary, North American Region" after the passing of Kenneth Shattock. I am happy to see the traditions of the Brotherhood of Live Steamers will continue into the future in Daris' most capable hands. He has already invested countless hours into creating a web site filled with invaluable information and history. Please visit the web site and offer contributions that will allow all Live Steamers to share in your hobby.
Best regards, Keith Taylor former IBLS East Coast Secretary
Bob Hornsby wrote:
I am endorsing Daris Nevil; I was former IBLS Secretary for the Eastern United States for 20 years. I took over from Barney Barnfather when he passed away in 1978. I turned my position over to Keith Taylor when I moved from New England to Texas in 1998.
I pledge to you that I will do my best to promote the Live Steam hobby through the IBLS. I look forward to meeting those of you I don't know. I'd very much like to hear from you.
Happy steaming!
Daris A Nevil


Daris A Nevil has served as the IBLS Webmaster since 2013, and as the North American Secretary since 2017. He belongs to the following organizations:

Daris may be reached by email at daris@nevil.org.


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