J. B. Squires

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J. B. Squires was a member of the Rocky Mountain Live Steamers.

Home Track

A Colorado Live Steamer and His Road

J. B. Squires

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 4, 1956

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. Also I have some pictures of my 3/4-inch steam railroad. My track is made of masonry. That is, the scaffolding is made of left sections of 7x7-3/8. The top half pummis and the bottom half sand and cement. The pummis is so I can nail ties on the left sections. My rails are 3/8 inch square iron put down with brass wood screws. The track is 300 feet and 44 inches with 30 foot radius curves. I have a mountain type 4-8-2 and a Pacific 4-6-2, also a 0-8-0 switcher which I certainly enjoy as a hobby.

J. B. Squires
1939 Trent Ave.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
J. B. Squires at his Colorado Springs home track
JBSquires ColoradoSprings 1956-2.jpg


A 3/4 inch scale 0-8-0 that was built by J. B. Squires. Photo taken at Golden Gate Live Steamers Redwood Regional Park-Oakland, CA, about 1951. Photo by Victor Shattock.