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The Montreal Live Steamers is a private club that was formed in 1934 for builders of scale steam locomotives. It has grown into a non-profit corporation that owns property in Les Cèdres, Quebec with tracks of various gauges to allow trains of different scales to operate.

The club opens its gates to the public twice a month during the summer and rides are sometimes available at no cost.

Membership is open for anyone interested in joining the club.


Jim Leggett wrote:

10 August 1941, folks were enjoying live steam on the CNR Recreational Grounds at Lachine, the former home of the Montreal Live Steamers. The engineer is Fred Jerome of Toronto (TSME) and the engine is probably his 4 Aces Timken. My late aunt, Willa Ratcliffe (nee. Leggett) is the second passenger from the right.


The Live Steamer, July-August 1951

The Montreal Live Steamers held an election of officers for 1951 some weeks back. Harry A. Turnbull was elected President and William Hindle as Vice President, with Cecil F. Harding as Secretary-Treasurer. The schedule of live steam meets at the operating track in Lachine Quebec for this year is as follows:

  • June 2
  • July 7
  • August 5
  • September 8 and 30


From The Miniature Locomotive, July/August 1953:

Montreal Live Steamers

by Cecil F. Harding, Secy.-Treas.

The Montreal Live Steamers held their Sixth Annual Meeting on Monday, March 30, in the Men's Lounge "Victoria Hall."

It was fairly well attended and those present elected the following members Directors: Harry A Turnbull (President), W. Meredith Massie (Vice President), Raymond Legare, Ralph B Francis, William L. Leggett, and A. W. "Bill" Leggett.

The following dates have been set aside for "Meets" this summer--Saturday, May 30; Sunday, June 14, Wednesday, July 1; Saturday, August 15; and Sunday, September 13.

Visiting Live Steamers will be made welcome but we would ask them to get in touch with one of the following if they are in Town around these dates: Harry A Turnbull, 2133 Addington Ave., ELdwood 3277 or Ralph B. Francis, 5295 Tremholme Ave., HUnter 8-6996 or the Secretary-Treasurer, Cecil F. Harding, 5850 Coolbrook Ave., EXdale 6170.

We would also be glad to welcome any Live Steamer who is now making his home in or around Montreal.


Cecil F. Harding

The North American Live Steamer, Volume 1 Number 10, October 1956

This is a short report of what took place at the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Montreal Live Steamers. The attendance was fairly good and the following were elected Directors.

Messers George M. Fisk, Harry A. Turnbull, Ralph B. Francis, William L. Leggett and Albert Blondin who in turn elected George M. Fisk President and Harry A. Turnbull Vice President. Cecil F. Harding was again appointed Secretary-Treasurer.

Those present appeared enthusiastic and it is hoped that there will be more activity out at the track and on "shop nights" at the boys' shops during the winter months.

New members appear to be very scarce here and we are assuming that other groups are having the same difficulty.

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