Dinkey Creek Bridge

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Dinkey Creek Bridge is a wooden trestle bridge that crosses Dinkey Creek on the Cypress Creek & Southern Railroad of the Houston Area Live Steamers. The bridge was constructed by David Hannah III for his Browning Railroad. It was later relocated to the Cypress Creek & Southern when the Browning Plantation was dismantled.

David Hannah III wrote:

I built the original bridge from a model built by Barry Bogs from LGB plans. He had the original railroad plans and built the unpainted wooden model for his LGB layout. I saw it and said I want one for the Browning Railroad.
So using the wooden model which was about 16 inches in length I spent one evening putting some number on a piece of paper and figured I would build it using one inch to the foot. So on the model if a piece of wood was 8 inches I knew I had to cut a piece of wood 8 feet in length. I put the whole thing together using I believe 3/8 inch bolts of different length and square nuts.
What most people don't know is that there are two 10 inch steel "I" beams buried in the wooden bridge.

Jim Cash re-stained the bridge in August 2015. The longevity of the bridge is quite remarkable, especially considering the high temperatures and humidity of Houston.

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