Charles Field Track Panel Jig

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In March, 2020, Charles Field posted on Facebook about a Track Panel Jig that he built. This was the second one of these jigs he constructed. It is light weight and disassembles into two parts for easy storage. It will work for constructing both straight and curved track panels of 10 foot length.

This article presents Charles' original drawings and photos, along with a version modified for Texas Standard Tie Spacing.

The Original

These photos were provided by Charles Field and come from his original Facebook posting. Used with permission.

This design specifies 4 inch spacing from tie to tie.

Texas Tie Spacing

This design is modified to use the Texas Standard Tie Spacing of 5.5 inches from tie to tie.


Daris A Nevil wrote:

The Charles Field Track Panel Jig can be used to construct straight as well as curved track panels (see Sagitta Rule). I use ties produced by Enterprise Plastics Inc, as it makes panel assembly super easy.
Here is how I build curved panels with 50 foot radius.
The procedure for building straight panels is even simpler.