Caboose MOW Riding Car

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Mike Massee posted the following article on

I made this MOW caboose up for my Chloe engineer's car. Originally there was to be a fence around the 'boxes' that made up the seats. But I had to put too much inside of them (water, battery, compressor) so they expanded to the edges of the car and I put the stakes directly on them. Worked out well. Propane in the caboose shell. So everything was in the one car hidden away. Seated two so I could instruct people. This was done in roughly 2 inch scale or "Chloe" scale as the prototype Chloe is very small and is more like a 1-1/2 inch scale engine in size. It was built on a modified Tom Bee Flat Car.

MikeMassee ChloeRidingTenderCabooseErection.jpg
MikeMassee ChloeRidingTenderCaboose.jpg

Some more images of the shell. It's not based on anything in particular. I remember referencing some D&RG short cabooses.

Also a pic of my then girlfriend now wife having a good time with it.

The caboose shell is scribed lines on thin ply, the only time we ever did that. After that all of our cars were framed and sided like prototype, with individual siding panels milled in a table router.