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F. Brian Gittins, of Rugby, England, is the designer of the 1.6 inch scale E6 Pennsylvania Atlantic featured in Modeltec magazine and sold by Saturated Steam.


Brian Gittins was a member of Rugby Model Engineering Society and some years ago he was doing a batch of 4 x PRR E6 atlantic loco's on commission for US destinations to run on 7.5" gauge, there was a 5th set of parts that were to be assembles at 7.25" gauge for himself, they were exeedingly fine scale with lost wax just about everything. Working air brake compressors, turbo dynamo's etc.

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Jim Kreider, Brian Gittins (who created the PRR E6 Atlantic), Doug Alkire, and Mel Saslow of Saturated Steam. 23 June 1989, photo by Jim Kreider.

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