A Fine Track Layout in U.S.A.

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A Fine Track Layout in U.S.A.

The Model Engineer

January 29, 1948

The accompanying sketch shows the track layout in preparation for the New England Live Steamers at Danvers, the home of Mr. Lester D. Friend. The track provides a continuous run of 3,200 feet and, as will be seen from the picture, it is in very varied and attractive surroundings. Mr. Friend writes me: "As to our railroad facilities, Danvers is going to be still better off this year. We're continuing to grow. As you may know, the property that the N.E.L.S. uses belongs to my factory property and I lease it to the N.E.L.S. for one dollar per year. Of course, on top of that I guess it costs me about $500 a year personally to keep the place looking right. However, you can't take it with you so why not spend it? I thought you might like to use the panoramic view on my Christmas card in some future issue of The Model Engineer. My designer drew this picture as a pen sketch from the top of another building close to us, so it is quite accurate and he has included a slight changes we contemplate to finish in the first six months of this year. As you know, 1948 is going to be the 16th Annual Brotherhood meet which has really grown into quite a time. Carl Purinton being the president and secretary of the Brotherhood, usually invites everyone throughout the U.S. and three days is sometimes not enough for some of them. They usually come early and stay late and help us burn up our Welsh pea-coal purchased some six years ago. As you may have gathered from my cards, etc., I'm quite an enthusiast and I believe in keeping contact with the Brothers right through the winter, so we hold what we call cellar gadfests. We've had three of them so far this winter. The first Saturday of each month we visit one of the Brothers who has just received a new lathe, drill or something. Anyway, it's an excuse for 25 or 30 of us to drop in on them and bring along things which we are working on and also view the items which other Brothers are working on. We hold six of these cellar parties throughout the winter. You'd be surprised how it keeps up the morale and interest. Of course, the lady folk serve coffee and doughnuts which is also an enticing point."

NELS Danvers Track Drawing 1948.png