A 3/4 Inch Scale Electric Locomotive

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A 3/4 Inch Scale Electric Locomotive

by Mr. A. W. Leggett

The Modelmaker, Volume 9, Number 10, October 1932

This locomotive was built in 1930 and has been operating since then. It is an 0-4-4-0 type, with the following dimensions:

  • Gauge: 3-1/2 inches
  • Wheels: 3 inch diameter
  • Length over couplers: 26 inches
  • Overall width: 7-3/4 inches
  • Height over rail: 10-3/4 inches

The motor is a converted car generator, arranged to operate as a series motor. Current is picked up from a third rail, with speed control and reverse operated from car following locomotive. This car is also equipped with foot-rests and seat.

AWLeggett Electric Locomotive 1932.jpg

The motor is mounted horizontally on the locomotive platform. Through a pair of miter gears a vertical drive shaft is operated through the centre of the king pin, power being transmitted to a jack shaft on the truck through another pair of miter gears. The jack shaft and wheel axles are connected by sprocket and chain. This driving arrangement permits of truck swiveling while power is applied to the wheels.

Source of power supply is a 1 K.W. D.C. generator, although only 32 volts 8 amperes is now being used. The windings on the motor may be changed shortly to permit using more power. There is sufficient power available from the motor now to haul a load of 60 or 70 lbs.

While not as appealing as a steam operated locomotive, or as powerful, it fulfils the purpose for which it was designed, i.e., safety and simplicity of operation for our 6 year old son.

I will gladly supply further details to anyone writing me at 72 Curzon Avenue, St. Lambert, Montreal, P.Q.

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